Jayda Rasberry

Jayda Rasberry is from Los Angeles. She is in her late twenties, has 5 younger siblings, and a whole host of cousins, nieces, and nephews. She was raised by her grandmother who loved her unconditionally and instilled in her what it takes to be a productive citizen. In 2006 she was sentenced to Valley State Prison for Women where she would spend 6 years of her life. Since her release in 2012 she has been to Sacramento to speak about medical negligence and reducing the prison population with alternatives. In 2014 she became an organizer with Dignity and Power Now. She is out 5 days a week educating community members and making them aware of what is happening behind jail walls. As a formerly incarcerated person and a queer woman of color she believes that it is important to be a voice of change in directly impacted communities. She has lived the harsh realities of what happens behind the walls of prison and strongly believes that it is her duty to fight and to be a voice for people who are incarcerated.