Female Incarceration at CRDF


Incarceration at Century Regional Detention Facility (CRDF, “Lynwood”, or simply “the women’s jail”) comes in all colors, brown, black and white – but those are not the colors you need to worry about. The color green, the men and women in Los Angeles County Sheriff uniforms, that will scare you.

LASD does not keep track of how many women are incarcerated each year in the facility. Neither does the facility allow an inmate a secured avenue for filing complaints against officers and staff. I personally know this to be fact. While incarcerated for six months at CRDF I was subjected to horrors and criminal acts perpetrated against me and others by LASD. I saw over-medication, inhumane treatment, verbal abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse, drugs, (heroin, cocaine, and numerous prescription pills being sold inside), sexual favors, and numerous (too many to count) coverups perpetuated and inflicted by deputies against prisoners, including the mentally disabled. These issues affect every female in that facility. I was kicked out less then eight hours after verbally complaining to LASD about a staff member exposing his penis to me in the medical module during a shoulder x-ray. At 2 a.m. I was cut loose in the dark, no money, no way home.


CRDF is an institution run for profit, not rehabilitation. The officers that work inside have no accountability for the criminal acts that they commit. I have long stated these facts, filed numerous complaints with the FBI, Governor Schwarzenegger, and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. Most recently again in October 2014 to Chief David Fender who promised an inquiry and research in a “timely manner”. Neither Chief Fender nor Lieutenant Vic Allende have returned my calls for concern regarding an investigation into the cruelty I was subjected to and the cruelty so many others currently endure.

Where is our liberty and justice for all?  


Michele Ynfante

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