Freedom Harvest



07/29/2017 9:00 am - 1:00 pm

Twin Towers Correctional Facility

450 Bauchet St

DPN is excited to announce the much anticipated 4th annual FREEDOM HARVEST!

FREEDOM HARVEST is a summer series of 4 pop-up arts and healing events that take place outside LA County Jails. This intervention is intended to disrupt and offer some salve to the traumatizing experience of visiting loved ones in prison.

Event dates are:

Saturday, July 1st- Pitchess / Wayside (+ Summer Wellness Clinic)
Saturday July 15th – Twin Towers / Men’s Central Jail
Saturday July 29th – Lynwood CRDF
Saturday August 18th – TBD (Finale)

All events are 9 AM – 1 PM.

Are you an ARTIST, POET, MUSICIAN, or MOVEMENT ARTIST? Do you have experience working with YOUTH and FAMILIES? Do you want to help create a HEALING intervention for families visiting loved ones in LA County jails? We are looking for volunteers for these events as well as performing artists! The exact activities are up to the artist volunteer and DPN will provide a stipend for time and materials.

If you are down and around to participate, please email Guadalupe at or call the DPN office at (213) 745-7135.


Shannon Soper

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