FOREVER ROOTED is DPN’s leadership development series that builds movement through expanding listening, story-telling, and facilitation skills to amplify the leadership and empowerment of formerly incarcerated people and their communities. Throughout the Forever Rooted series participants will imagine new versions of public safety, gain tools and practices to help move through trauma, and expand their capacity to transform themselves and their communities. Forever Rooted will generate creative and resilient communities that are empowered to fight for the dignity of incarcerated people. This series prioritizes the experiences of formerly incarcerated people and their loved ones in Los Angeles who are black and brown people, members of other communities of color, and people along the LGBTQ spectrum.


  • Expand and develop the leadership of formerly incarcerated people and their communities
  • Increase the capacity of participants to imagine and build alternatives to existing models of public safety
  • Amplify the resilience of participants and their communities
  • Broaden the movement towards prison abolition, healing justice, and transformative justice
  • Strengthen members commitment to DPN and increase DPN’s number of active members


Participants: Formerly incarcerated people and their loved ones, especially black and brown people, other people of color, and those within the LGBTQ spectrum.

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